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Roll= 4"x.035"x120'
HelioBond® PVA 600BT is an extruded black butyl adhesive tape designed to provide high strength, watertight attachment of PV modules and PV pre-assemblies to single-ply EPDM, TPO, and metal roofing panels. It is also suitable for use on properly prepared granulated and non-granulated modified bitumen roofing. HelioBond® PVA 600BT is designed for a quick grab to roof membranes without the need for primers, yet possesses high strength at 185°F (85°C). HelioBond PVA 600BT also exhibits excellent adhesion to polar and non-polar substrates such as glass, metals, wood, concrete, masonry, and plastics.

* Special order - lead time 60 days

Heliobond PVA 600BT (1 roll)

SKU: HELIO600BT (1 roll)
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