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  • A breakthrough for boating applications, finally, lightweight, flexible Solar PV panels you can walk on without worry! Plus superior performance when partially shaded. A must for sailboats. These revolutionary solar cells are CIGS, made of copper-gallium-selenide, not silicon, and each solar cell is equipped with a bypass diode.  That means the Sunflare solar panels can be fit to curved surfaces, can be walked on without degrading the panel’s output, and if your sail is shading part of a panel, the part of the panel in the sun still generates power. Trim your sails for your destination, and charge your batteries without giving it a second thought. Plus, the panels have good grip on your feet, even when wet.  No need for expensive non-skid coverings or racking systems.  Just peel-and-stick.  Use the Sunflare CIGS panels with the Victron MPPT SmartSolar charge controllers, and you’ll be on the leading edge of marine power generation.
  • 1.7 mm thin, 1,200 mm x 990 mm (+/- 2 mm) (47"x39")
  • 19.53 Volt, 6.2 Amp

Sunflare Flex 42 - 126W Solar PV Panel (QTY 1-9)


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