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Ramblin’ Rose CAT, will demonstrate electric propulsion while powering a live band with solar energy

April 12, 2021

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Sunwater Marine Demonstrates Clean Energy Technology With Solar-Electric Catamaran Featuring Live Music On Board From Edge Of The West

The catamaran, Ramblin’ Rose, will demonstrate electric propulsion while powering a live band with solar energy at the Coronado Ferry Landing

San Diego, CA - April 13, 2021 -- Coronado-based Sunwater Marine, which designs and installs renewable energy systems for boats, will showcase the latest clean energy technologies they are offering with live music onboard their solar electric catamaran, Ramblin’ Rose. The performance by Edge Of The West, a 4 piece “Cosmic Honky Tonk” band from Santa Cruz, will be 100% powered by the sun using Sunflare solar panels. The boat will also be propelled by a silent, emissions-free electric system from Oceanvolt. This concert and demonstration will take place at the Ferry Landing in Coronado from 3:30 to 5:30, Friday, April 16.

“We thought this would be a great way to highlight what is possible in renewable energy systems for boats - using Sunflare solar panels, and Oceanvolt electric propulsion - and have some fun in the process! The great thing about this propulsion system is that it is clean and quiet, and will not interfere with the music. No noise, no diesel fumes, only music powered by the sun.” says James Richmond, President and Founder of Sunwater Marine.

Ramblin’ Rose, a 2015 Leopard 40 catamaran that is a full-time charter docked in Coronado, CA, has been re-fitted with the Oceanvolt ServoProp propulsion system, 1.8 kW of Sunflare solar PV cells, and 42 kWh of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery storage in two 48 V battery banks. It is available through Seaforth Boat Rental in Coronado.

For more information, contact Tim Webber at Sunwater Marine - 619-374-0642 or email

About Sunwater Marine (

Based in Southern California, Sunwater Marine’s mission is to expand the benefits of renewable energy and electric propulsion to boat owners in California. Sunwater Marine designs and installs renewable energy systems for boats including solar panels, batteries and electric propulsion systems. Sunwater Marine was founded by James Richmond who has been sailing since he was 4 years old and has 37 years of experience in the renewable and energy-efficiency industry, having developed and managed over $140M in energy-savings projects in the USA. Richmond is a Certified Energy Manager, Association of Energy Engineers.

About Edge Of The West (

Edge of the West is a Rock n' Roots Honky Tonk Jamband. Their catchy, quirky originals and outlaw hippie sound strikes a chord with lovers of alt-country, Americana and The Grateful Dead. The group writes original tunes and draws from a deep well of eclectic covers, never playing the same show twice.

About Sunflare (

Founded in 2009, Sunflare is the leader in the next generation of solar technology that has proven to be ideal for marine applications. Sunflare has perfected a new, proprietary technology

revolutionizing CIGS solar. It produces light, thin, flexible and rugged modules that can be installed in areas that traditional solar panels could not. Capture4, the rapid cell-by-cell manufacturing process yields efficient, low cost CIGS technology. They have developed a variety of patented products to break through the barriers that have constrained new markets.

About Oceanvolt (

Founded in 2004, Oceanvolt is a leading manufacturer of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers state-of-the-art electric motors that combine sustainability, safety and reliability. Oceanvolt was founded by serial entrepreneur and sailor Janne Kjellman, who understood the necessity of the engine in modern sailing but wanted to create a quiet and environmentally friendly alternative to the diesel engine. Oceanvolt’s electric propulsion systems are suitable for use in sailboats, motorboats, harbor ferries and other small and medium-sized commercial boats. With built-in software, Oceanvolt systems can be monitored and serviced in real-time via the Internet. Oceanvolt's SD saildrive system has been awarded the Pittman Innovation Award by SAIL magazine, among other things. In 2017, the patented ServoProp saildrive motor with a variable pitch propeller won the industry's most prestigious DAME award in the engine and propulsion category. Along the way, Oceanvolt has built up a global network of boat designers, boat builders, shipbuilding engineers, boaters and other partners.

About Seaforth Boat Rentals (

Seaforth Boat Rental is the longest established boat rental, charter, and tour company in San Diego. They’ve been a family-owned business since 1976 - offering everything and anything one can think of on the water. Their fleet ranges from 14’ fishing boats to 56’ yachts, sailboats, powerboats, jetskis, and a variety of people power vessels for tours, cruises or custom adventures.

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