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These two companies are working on a high-performance battery for electric jet boats

Oct. 21st 2022

EV battery tech company Enevate and electric boat propulsion company Sealence have completed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop a high-performance battery for jet boats.

Italy-based Sealence has developed an electric propulsion system called DeepSpeed (pictured above and below) that operates silently and reduces vibration for sea craft ranging from fast tenders to large yachts.

DeepSpeed electric boat jets can deliver from 250 horsepower to 1,300 horsepower, and the company claims that the jets feature energy-efficiency parameters that are higher than propeller-based naval propulsion systems.

DeepSpeed requires battery performance similar to Enevate’s EV performance specs: namely, high-energy density with high discharge rates, long cycle life, and extreme fast charge capability.

Enevate and Sealence engineers will work together in both Southern California and Italy to first prove key battery performance metrics and then jointly develop a prototype.

Sealence founder and CEO William Gobbo said:

The combination of Enevate’s silicon anode battery technology and Sealence’s revolutionary DeepSpeed ultra-efficient propulsion design can significantly accelerate the energy transition in many segments of the marine mobility sector, with economic advantages for the operators and at the same time positive impact for the environment with less pollution both in water and in the air.

Enevate, which was founded in 2005 at the University of California, licenses intellectual property and transfers technology to EV automotive and battery makers worldwide. In February of this year, the company signed a lease for a facility in Irvine, California, of over 125,000 square feet in order to expand its EV battery pre-production line. In February 2021, Enevate secured $81 million Series E funding led by Fidelity.

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